Winzie who?

Winzie Howard is a designer, critic, editor, filmmaker, and musician. His work has earned the applause of New York Times columnists, chamber music directors, fashionistas, Apple/NeXT employees, Norton Best American Short Stories authors, and regular people who felt they couldn’t quite phrase their opinions until they read what Winzie has written about the graphical computer interfaces that occupy so much of our lives.

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My past projects have included, among other things, design for offbeat establishments like The Fearless Group and Kala Art Institute; editing for two novels; a popular four-chapter illustrated essay series about the decline of Apple’s user interface discipline; collaborations with musician Dan Jacob Wallace; and the website you’re looking at.

One of the best and most comprehensive editors I have dealt with.

Erik Sandberg-Diment

Longtime New York Times Columnist

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My current projects include, among other things, a new 22-chapter illustrated essay series in which I will present my redesign of macOS (coming soon); additions to the website you’re looking at (coming sooner); and a 10-episode animated miniseries (coming not-so-soon)—which will be written, directed, animated, sound-scaped, scored, branded, marketed, and fundraised primarily by me.

A very fine writer indeed—with a unique voice and an enviable command of language.

Tracy Tolkien

Author + Proprietor of Steinberg and Tolkien

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My overall project—as in, my life’s work—is to synchronize writing, music, visuals, handfeel, smell, motion, emotion, function, theme, dingbattery, and soul in a total aesthetic object that cannot be any other way except the way it is. Give me this, and give me love, and I will die with a smile.